Appointments contact:

Möchten Sie Ihren Wunschtermin bzw. sämtliche Infos zu Princess Paris in deutsch erhalten: Wählen Sie bitte +43 (0)699/81137311 (Montag bis Sonntag von 12 bis 24 Uhr).

Direct Booking Contact: Princess Paris +43 (0)665/65657400 between 13:00 – 00:00 Uhr only in English: Sessions possibility: Monday - Sunday 13:00 - 03: 00 Uhr. I have very often longer appointments and I cannot pick up my phone. In these cases, please call this number +43 (0)699/81137311

individual appointments are also possible. I am now accepting advance bookings for the time after the COVID-19 regulations.

Appointments should be made on time (at least one day in advance).
If you would like to visit me spontaneously, I need at least 3 hours lead time, because I come from outside to the studio for my sessions.

(I do not offer house / hotel visits).

Keep the conversation short and straight to the point. Respect my time, only book if you can do it. No last minute shows or cancellations result in your number being added to numerous international customer blacklists and distributed among other loved ones. If you are in my studio, we will have an intensive discussion, which of course is not included in the season.

When contacting me for the first time by email, provide upfront information:

  1. name/nickname, age, nationality/ethnicity (by origin, not by passport), send your photo-not a must but very appreciated, kept confidential
  2. whats your previous experience with professional mistress, who have you served, write their names or websites
  3. your fantasies, session interests, be as descriptive as possible
  4. city, date, time, duration of session
  5. Which website did you find me on

I don’t answer pointless messages like hi, how are you, etc… I get too many of meaningless messages and can’t invest time into dragging info word by word.