Nurse P. Paris – (European) nurse. I am a domina, and specialist in BDSM medical plays.
My doctor’s office is in the 16th area in Vienna.
I take care of my patients, mixing sensuality and perversity in my services.

Some of the medical acts i deliver are: anal plays, needles, electricity, urethral dilatation, prostate stimulation, medical and adult baby plays, etc. I am careful and sadistic, nice and cruel, always unpredictable. Torturing and caressing you is my passion and pleasure. At the moment I only speak 4 languages fluently. I will learn German very quickly.

You will meet a dominant, untouchable and if necessairy caring and surely high skilled Mistress Doktor. Every meeting is absolutely personal and therefore authentic - that's what I'm known for. I will lead you safely through our world of bizarre and sadistic medical treatments!

So dear, tell me: where does it hurt?


  • Needles
  • Mummification
  • Anal Play
  • Electricity
  • Morning Piss,Sperma, Spit etc. in your mouth
  • Urethral Dilataiton
  • Prostata Stimulation
  • Medical and adult baby plays
  • Strapon
  • Fisting
  • Cuckhold Fantasies
  • Milking
  • Roleplay
  • Collection of sperm samples

What I do not do:

  • Adult babies
  • Cuttings
  • Knife play
  • Outcalls
  • Scat
  • Sexual services

My manner is gentle but firm, kindly but teasing but never nasty.

I am not a Normal Dr. but I an actress but I am capable of encouraging your buttocks to a healthy warm glow and your body to experience many wonderful sensations.

I wear normaly a white medical uniform during all the clinical Sessions or I am in sexy Fetishwear or I am naked. All treatments are carried out in a well equipped one-room clinic with shower facilities. Visits are tailor-made to suit your requirements and a discussion via the telephone or email will enable me to design a detailed clinical plan for you to fulfil your desires.Should you decide to visit then I can assure you of a very warm welcome and a most memorable stay.

Princess Paris - your sexy Nurse in Vienna.